Police-Firefighter Awards


The best Italian food in Kendall

The best Italian food in Kendall

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2019 KFHA Police  &  Firefighters Awards Night

After our recent KFHA Candidates' Forum, the Kendall Federation Political Action Committee ("KFPAC") met and discussed whom they would endorse in this current election cycle.
This group, the KFPAC, is a separate entity from the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations. The KFHA sponsored and presented the Candidates' Forum for our Community so "We The People" can make wise decisions.
Below please find a Press Release from the  Kendall Federation "Political Action Committee" for the forthcoming
August 23, 2022  -  Primary Election
Please distribute the attached Press Release to all of your friends, relatives, fellow voters, co-workers, condominium and homeowner associations, etc.
We urge you to VOTE and take part in our political process for the betterment of Kendall, Miami-Dade County, Florida and the United States. Thank you.
Please make sure you VOTE !!!!!
                  Michael Rosenberg                                                                    Marvin P. Stein
                  KFHA President                                                                          KFPAC Chairman