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Primary Election  -  August 20, 2024

[Click here to read more about the 16 candidates who want to be Sheriff of Miami-Dade County]

5G Towers

On April 9, 2024, the Kendall Federation hosted citizens from all corners of the Kendall and West Kendall Communities.  The news coverage was excellent and the links are below. More details to follow as we work through this maze of unclear legislation and rules concerning these towers.
















Teachers-of-the-Year Awards Night

Many of you know of our Police and Firefighters Awards Night that the Kendall Federation holds every November.  It?s a time when the Kendall Community says "Thank you" to all of our first responders and to those that have done amazing heroic events that literally save our lives!


On May 7th, we presented our new, first-time-ever

Kendall and West Kendall

"Teachers-of-the-Year Awards Night 2024"


We honored many teachers who were selected as Teacher-of-the-Year from their respective schools throughout the Kendall and West Kendall Communities.  These teachers were selected by their peers and represent the best of the best in 2024.  We all know how much our teachers impact the lives of our children and, on this night, we celebrated the teachers in our Communities.

KFHA  Police  &  Firefighter  Awards  Night